Friday, July 8, 2011

The negatives of conditioned mind and turning into positiveness.

Greetings to readers,

Last week, I had a talk with group of MBA students. The subject was career in finance industry. Among other topics, I had a brief discussion on Genuine Investment Strategy and Conditioned Mind. Post session, there were questions which realized me that lot of knowledge is required on Genuine Financial Planning and not that what is being sold popularly.

However this time, I will start discussion on Conditioning of mind. Psychologists claim that the new born child starts developing acceptance of atmosphere around him. So when he do not speak and do not express, He can observe and store the images in his back of the mind. It is said that 70% of the people’s nature/attitude is built when they attains the age of 7/8 years. That is why when parents ask/shout to the kid to not to do something (say, NO to TV) or to go for studies and he hardly listens it. Instead, he observes that what is being denied to him (to watch TV) is interestingly done by the parents themselves.

So when we say, it is a sanskar, swabhav or habit, in fact, it is a conditioned mind which put a man in to a box.

The conditioned mind is like a strong belief for religion, eating habits, brand consciousness, expression attitudes, argumental nature and lot more.  The conditioned mind put one in to comfortable in favored situations and vice versa. He is comfortable with some people and has discomfort with other set of people. Comfort with particular brand, Food, clothing, perfumes etc. This conditioned mind’s comfort puts one in to exploitation mode. When a person loves a brand lot, he is ready to pay higher price for his comfort. And that is the successes of big brand. With overdose of advertisement, media nuisances, and celebrity endorsements the mass (even a common man from very poor class) develops conditioned mind for the brand. The celebrity claims/endorses for a product (Soap, for example) is mostly an untruth and endorsed for advertisement/financial contract only. (We all know all soaps are more or less made with same material than why so much variation in different brands.)

This conditioned mind applies to various areas too. It may be for medical assistance (for a doctor), for a chocolate, for a filmy hero, for an airline, for toothpaste, for a religious guru or hundreds of areas….

The main point one has to understand that his love towards anything (under conditioned mind) should not lead him to his own exploitation.

If one overcomes the above negatives of the conditioned mind, it is a strong positive also.

A strong belief to own idea leads to a straight success. Those who were considered Paagal or dhooni, etc. have achieved great success. Their inventions with life have shown different ways to the society.

Better is one starts observing own attitudes, find out own conditioned mind and its positives and negatives.

Investors also have their mind conditioned. Many investors see Bank FDs and insurance as only investment options. History says that only those who came out of their box have given exceptional results. One has to think about Mutual Funds, SIP and asset allocation in various investment sectors to get good financial strength through investments.

We only need to think differently and have to stick on it to get out of conventional box thinking.