Thursday, February 23, 2017

Plan your TAX with 'SIP' way...

Dear Patrons,

We are getting bigger & stronger, not by ‘Complan’ way. The secret is ‘SIP’.

We have recently stepped into 35th year of investment advisory at the same time we crossed 5000 SIP mark.

One word question – ‘How?’
Two word answer – Financial Planning

The earning of an individual is growing. Across India Life Standard is increasing which increases need of money to achieve various financial goals. The immediate and most important needs to be planned are retirement & child’s education planning.

Apart of goal planning, taxation is also a part of financial planning. The Government gives enough options to save taxes. If planned properly, one can easily save an ample amount on taxes. Doing job or business or professional activity is our duty. But planning of taxes is as important as business planning.

We, at Shalibhadra with strength of our 34 years of experience, find out every possible way of tax savings from your income with help of renowned CAs. We will be happy to provide you investment + tax savings related services toward peaceful journey of financial planning.