Friday, October 21, 2011

What have we learnt from History?

Namaste to Readers.

There is a good saying : I do not recollect who said it but it is worth to mention here…

“I learn from the history that the world did not learn from the history”

Good!!! How nice to learn something from somebody’s mistakes or at least from our mistakes?
I think we should visualize a situation where we are given a chance for a flashback in our life and suppose we have options to reverse what we did in our childhood, in our young age, as parents, as the head of the family, in our job/business/profession, in education, in career and lot more areas. Now going forward to the initial thought, how many of us will regret for our previous deeds and try to reverse it? What will we try most to reverse?

If we give one more phase to the thought, imagine that this is a year of 1980 and how many of us will like to invest in gold, Fixed deposits, Real estate or equity for a long period of 25 or more years? This is an exercise. Ask yourself.

I did this exercise with some of my keens. Out of 28 persons I asked, 75% chose to invest in equity (should I understand that this 75% feels that they missed the equity investment opportunity in 80’s?)

I come to a conclusion, I cannot claim it that it is perfect but I request all my friends to look at it seriously.

As a decision maker, one should always take a chance in all available options.

Do you know the great saying?
“Regret of Commissions” and “Regret of Omissions”

What is best?

When you are left with only one option to choose from to do or not to do… My opinion is very clear: opt to do it. Because if you will do it and if it proves to be a good, it is great, it is your success. If it is proved to be wrong, at least you will have an experience to share with others and a doubt is cleared and now your mind is not in dilemma.

Most of us have the psychology to remain in an ideological box (it is a psychological barrier box). Consider it this way. We have one life; we live the whole life within that closed box and missed the fantasy of this colorful universe. So most of the time we feel of missed out something or regret for holding closed ideas and force others to follow your path which is not acceptable to them.

It is important for all of us to welcome new ideas, challenges and opportunities. Either we can do different work or we can work differently. If we continue doing the same thing of what we have done previously, we will be the same personality in coming time too.

So what calls us? Are we ready to change yourselves?  Psychologists say that 70% of the mind (personality) of a person is developed before he attains age of 7 to 8 years. Very few are successfully challenge themselves and come out of this built up and only those persons become FRONTRUNNER.

In last 3 months, stock markets have remained in extreme volatile condition. In this period, Sensex have moved in between 15,800 and 17,100 mark.

Those investors who feel that it is not time to invest in this volatile market might regret for their omissions in future. Valuations are attractive and volatile market has its own potential of growth through systematic investments. Same way if market goes further down, investors might regret for their commissions. 

However, at current point of time in discounted market, important commissions are necessary to avoid "Regret of Omissions".