Saturday, July 14, 2018

When you say ‘NO’, to whom are you saying ‘NO’?

Dear Patrons,

It is time to do some introspection.

When you say ‘NO’, to whom are you saying ‘NO’?

For example,
- If you ask your good friend to quit smoking and a ‘No’ from him is not of any concern for you but your friend is actually saying ‘NO’ to his healthy future.

- If a concerned father ask his teenage son to study for better career and a ‘No’ or unresponsive answer from him will not make so much difference to father but the son is actually saying ‘NO’ to his future career.

Similarly, investing through SIP is something which must not be avoided at any cost. Lo and behold, SIP is the key for systematic Wealth Creation. SIP is a discipline and winning on individual behaviors.

At Shalibhadra, We periodically send WhatsApp messages, emails and SMSs to start / increase SIP. Our research shows that many investors do Half-Hearted SIP despite the fact that it is most convenient way of investment. It is our aim that how can we encourage Whole-Hearted SIP investors instead of Half-Hearted SIP investors.

Lastly, your ‘NO’ to start SIP is not ‘NO’ to adviser, you might be saying ‘NO’ to your sound and stable financial future.

Nishit Siddharth Shah