Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trending or Trendsetting?




The world is changing and so does the trends. Thanks to technology. Through finger tips we access the world.

This excess availability of information has formatted two types of people.

Type one who follows existing trends, so they are trend followers.
Type two who set their own trends, so they set trends for others.

Above is perfectly true for Sensex followers. In Stock Market, large numbers of investor is in following a trend. So they are followers. While only few are trend setter. They are visible and vocal. They appear on TV, newspapers and through various mediums. Their influence is dominant on remaining 90% of those followers.

These trend setters have a most important quality; they are masters in oratory power. Additionally they are a good looking personality and that helps them create an impression. So people follow them.

To keep ourselves out from these trend setters, let me make things very simple. We live in a logical world and common sense will help us. Once we start analyze small happenings in economy, we can set our own trends. Here are some recent examples.

Evaluating simple economic factors a. Focussing on fundamental news and their positive outcomes, b. ignoring nonsense negatives (Our news mediums are full of negative news), c. analyzing the news inflow based on facts and not on rumours.

Initially it is tough but implanting it slowly and making small mistake at starting level, observing results of our actions can lead us to conclusion about our investment. At least layman investors can set their own trends for investments.