Saturday, March 31, 2018

Invest only where it is understandable.

Dear Patrons,

Why we use helmets / seat belts?
Why we have life / health insurance?

It is our constant desire to secure well being of self & family. For the same reasons, we work hard almost 40% of our life.

In contrast, we dedicate only few hours for our investment which we know that is very important. By the time that understanding come, we try to ‘cover up’ that lost returns by investing into ultra high risk avenues.

Recent case is Block chain currencies (Bitcoins). A lot of us are attracted towards it due to its value hike & past performance. The wisdom of investing in this high risk investment avenue should have come 4 years ago. Investing now is like going along the herd. Second argument is that it may be promoted by lot of intelligent people but logic says something not regulated by an authority & which is not understandable by majority of people is like firing in dark.

At Shalibhadra, we promote disciplined & understandable investment. We don’t go beyond our logic for investing hard earned money.

Nishit Siddharth Shah

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